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About Survival Slingshot

About Us

What does rocket science have to do with survival? Quite a bit, actually. The inventor of the patented Survival Slingshot is an aerospace engineer who applied modern aerospace engineering and manufacturing methods and software to develop a radical new design for survival. Using state of the art 3D CAD software and 3D Printers, he engineered a super strong and durable aluminum alloy survival platform that can be expanded to suit any mission requirements.

Inspired by the highly successful AR-15 assault rifle, the Survival Slingshot has three mounting points and an integrated rail system to add accessories like laser sights, tactical lights and even arrows rests. The water tight hollow handle can hold over eight cubic inches of survival items while the end cap has a compass built in. High powered, it can take down a wide variety of game from fowl to deer. The Survival Slingshot is also unique with its quick change yoke system. The operator can simply replace the yoke and band assembly without tools in seconds without tools. This allows the user to have the ability to change quickly or use different power bands at will. The Survival Slingshot is truly a key part of any survival kit or bug out bag.