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New Review by Josh Haney

July 07, 2017 by

The sling has a linage reaching back several thousand years. Of course, the slingshot as we know it today came to be in the late 19th century, the weapon of choice for juvenile delinquents intent on wreaking havoc on their community. Who doesn’t remember the image of little Dennis The Menace with his trusty forked branch, flat rubber-banded beauty tucked rebelliously in his back pocket. But the tactical applications of this tool have been understood for just as long. The original patent design from 1948 showed an arrow rest integrated for use by hunters, who for years had been using slingshots to take small game, the Irish Republican Army utilized the wrist rocket as their weapon of choice for decades, and even into the 21st century propaganda videos from Iraq showed the use of the slingshot for insurgents.
Now, Survival Slingshot LLC has taken a millennium of innovation and updated it to create what is easily the most effective survival tool this reviewer has ever seen. Rugged but compact, and fully loaded with features, I was lucky enough to take one out and put it through its paces and am in awe of just how effective it was.

First, this is far from your grandfather’s slingshot, or even what you may have had as a kid. I have utilized slingshots for both hunting and target shooting over the years and have never before had such a comfortable platform. This is not a thin rod, but an aircraft grade aluminum and steel alloy design more akin to the bull-pup fore grip on a rifle or tactical shotgun. The reason for this is simple, ample storage in the hollow of the waterproof handle allows for storage of ammo, fishing gear, matches, or whatever survival gear would most benefit your location. There is also a compass built in to the cap of the handle, adding another tool you’ll be able to carry with you in a small package. The arm brace collapses down for a slim profile, whether it be in a backpack or a pocket, and locks into place easily yet very secure.

The draw weight is strong, the package insert states roughly 25lbs, throwing your projectile of choice down range with maximum velocity. Maybe I should clarify when I say projectile of choice. The Survival Slingshot comes with a fully functioning whisker biscuit that attaches to the unit allowing you to not just fire steel shot, lead shot, marbles, or rocks like a traditional slingshot, but also full-sized arrows with deadly precision. Just change the band over to the 45lbs archery band and you are ready to go. Imagine that, having what amounts to a crossbow in a package small enough to carry anywhere. When I was hitting targets using the steel shot that was included that was fun, but letting an arrow fly, that was impressive. The design is perfect, holding the arrow, allowing you a comfortable enough grip to take your time lining up your shot.

What really sets the Survival Slingshot apart though are the accessories than can be added to make it even more effective. Weaver style rails that can be attached to either side, thus allowing for the mounting of a tactical flashlight or even a laser sight, giving the shooter better visibility and targeting capability in dusk to dark scenarios. This seriously ups the ante, making this a practical replacement for those folks living in areas where firearms are near impossible to obtain, or situations where you may not be able to carry one, say when traveling. An optional bow fishing reel can also be mounted, for those times when your forage calls for surf and turf. It’s these additions that cement the company’s motto Bring A Tool, Not A Toy!
If you are looking for the ultimate compact survival tool on the market, look no farther. The Survival Slingshot is it!

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